Gatherers' Tavern unveiled Magic: The Gathering statues and jewelry for release into retail in Q4.

The new 1:4 scale statues feature mainstay planewalkers Liliana Vess and Chandra Nalaar from the Magic: The Gathering lore. These sculpts, created by XM Studios depict Lily raising the dead, and Chandra displaying her fiery disposition. The statues are limited to a 400 unit run each. Liliana Vess will retail at $1799.00 while Chandra Nalaar will carry a $1499.00 price tag.

Gatherers' Tavern also had mox-inspired jewelry on display at Gen Con. These luxurious pendants by London jeweler Queen of Mercia are made from sustainably-sourced natural gemstones and are inspired by Dan Frazier's depictions of the original five moxes from Magic: The Gathering's Alpha set. The pendant itself is made of 925 silver that is 18k gold plated. The Mox Jet-inspired Onyx Pendant retails for $1299.00 and the Mox Pearl-inspired Pearl Pendant runs $999.00. The more expensive gemstone pieces, Mox Ruby-inspired Rubellite Pendant, Mox Emerald-inspired Green Tourmaline Necklace, and Mox Sapphire-inspired Sapphire Necklace, each retail for $2399.00.

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