Games Workshop used its Warhammer Day Preview to announce the upcoming relaunch of its underground fantasy football game Dungeon Bowl.

Originally published in 1989, Elves, Dwarves, & Dungeonbowl  was part fantasy football game and part dungeon crawler.  The new edition of the game will use the same game engine as Workshop’s Second Season edition of Blood Bowl released last year (see “Games Workshop Teases ‘Blood Bowl:  Second Season Edition’”). 

Instead of a normal playing field, Dungeon Bowl moves the action into a subterranean dungeon constructed from room and corridor tiles.  This game is “sudden death,” with the first team to score a point winning the game.  But, before players can score, they have to search the dungeon to locate the treasure chest the ball is hiding in. Additional mayhem is added through deadly traps, magical teleporting portals, and other dungeon-style challenges.  Players can also choose from eight colleges of magic to call upon and they can draw from a wider variety of players when constructing their teams.

Dungeon Bowl will feature sculpted treasure chests and portal tokens, as well as miniatures for two teams and all of the board tiles, dice, and other components needed to play the game.  It is playable on its own, or players can combine it with miniatures from regular Blood Bowl.

Click Gallery below to see miniatures from the game.

MSRP and release date have not been announced.

Earlier this year, Games Workshop released the Death Zone sourcebook for Blood Bowl (see “Games Workshop Teases ‘Blood Bowl:  Death Zone’ Sourcebook”).