Games Workshop unleashed Strike Force Icefang and Bonebreakaz of Krongar, two new assault group bundles for Warhammer 40,00, onto preorder for a limited time from November 23 to November 30.

These two bundles revisit the vicious battlefields from the Saga of the Beast. Strike Force Icefang features an assault group of Space Wolves that fights in support of Ragnar Blackmane. This bundle includes a Primaris Lieutenant, an Invictor Tactical Warsuit, 10 Primaris Intercessors, 5 Primaris Reivers,  2 Space Wolves Primaris Upgrade Frames, a Storm Speeder Hailstrike, and a Primaris Aggressors. The bundle also comes with the appropriate bases, and will retail for $255.

The Bonebreakaz of Krongar bundle showcases an Ork mob fighting under the banner of Ghazghkull Thraka. This bundle comes with a Warboss in Mega Armour, 20 Ork Boyz, 3 Deffkoptas, a Deff Dread, a Bonebreaka, and an Ork Mek. It comes with all the required bases to build the models and will retail for $265.

Games Workshop also revealed six new Warhammer 40,000 Battleforce boxed sets coming to retail (see "Six new 'Warhammer 40,000' Boxed Sets").

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