Steamforged Games unleashed Skullbreaker Champion Expansion, for Godtear miniatures game, which will release into retail on February 18, 2022.

Skullbreaker is an orc that is known as the Dragon Slayer, as he wields a weapon made from the jawbone of a slain dragon. He comes with followers in tow, the Tooth Bearers, who are each armed with a single tooth from Skullbreaker's dragon kills. This box comes with everything needed to add Skullbreaker and the Tooth Bearers to a game of Godtear, and is designed for use with any Godtear starter set.

The game box comes wiht a Skullbreaker miniature, 4 Tooth Bearer miniatures, a Skullbreaker's Banner miniature, and 3 Profile cards. It will retail for $29.95.

Steamforged Games recenly released Kailinn, the Fury of the Forest, a new champion set for Godtear miniatures game (see "'Kailinn' for 'Godtear'").