All Elite Wrestling star Nyla Rose and Martian Manhunter writer Steve Orlando are teaming up to co-write Giant-Size X-Men: Thunderbird #1, a 40-page one-shot that examines the ramifications of Thunderbird’s return from the dead. First Nations artist David Cutler will draw the comic, which will have a main cover by Ken Lashley, a variant cover by Kyle Charles, and a design variant by Cutler. The comic is rated T+ and will go on sale on April 27 with an MSRP of $4.99.

The story depicts Thunderbird journeying to an Apache reservation, hoping that someone from his past can help him understand the changed world into which he was resurrected. Instead, he discovers a new threat to the indigenous mutant community. 

Thunderbird, a.k.a. John Proudstar, is a member of the Apache nation who first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men #1 in 1975; he died on his second mission, making him the first of the X-Men to be killed in action. He was resurrected at the end of Trial of Magneto.