IDW Publishing previewed Dungeons & Dragons: Best of Minsc & Boo, a new comic book, for release in April 13, 2022.  

Minsc the ranger and his space hamster companion Boo are back at it again in another Jim Zub-written comic prelude to the Baldur's Gate III video game(see "'Baldur's Gate III' Prequel Comics"). In this story, the duo have been in stasis for a number of decades to awaken in a new and different Baldur's Gate world. There, they go off on an adventure to smite evil and for Boo to attack as many enemy eyeballs as he can!

This 100-page book showcases art by Max Dunbar, Nelson Daniel, Dean Kotz, and Francesco Mortarino with a cover by Jamie Biggie. It will retail for $5.99 upon release.

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