Modiphius Entertainment announced Conan: The Shadow of the The Sorcerer, a new campaign book for Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, which will release into retail in Q2 2022.

The Shadow of the Sorcerer campaign sends players from the backstreets of Messantia in Argos to a remote island in the Western Sea, and then, to the wastelands of Stygia. They are attempting to prevent a ritual from releasing an ancient evil upon the land. Along the way, they will battle cunning foes that will challenge their resolve.

This campaign supports a group of two to six characters of any level, and provides guidance on using Conan and his allies as player characters. It also includes background information on the cities of Messantia, Asgalun, Zabhela, and the Stygian Valley of Set, and contains maps for these areas. The 216-page hardcover requires the core book for use.

Modiphius Entertainment has also recently released the new Conan – The Exiles Sourcebook and The Art of Conan book (see "a Pair of 'Conan' Books").