Warlord Games will release Bolt Action: Combined Arms, a new World War II board game, into preorder starting February 18.

Bolt Action: Combined Arms is a strategic board game where players fight for the control of air, land, and sea in the various theaters of World War II. The goal of the game is to claim objectives on different maps and hold them.  This game comes with detailed plastic miniatures that showcase five different objectives and unit markers representing Army, Naval, and Aircraft (brown for Allies, green for Axis). There are also Blitz markers that represent fast-moving units.

This game has a modular campaign system that allows players to incorporate Bolt Action, Blood Red Skies, Cruel Seas, or Victory at Sea content into their games. It also has four different maps to play on: Northwest Europe, The Eastern Front, North Africa, and The Pacific.  

Warlord Games also announced Slaine Miniatures Game, which is based on the characters from the 2000 AD comic book franchise (see "'Slaine Miniatures Game'").

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