Portal Games announced Thorgal: The Board Game, a new cooperative storybook adventure game, for release into retail in 2023 pending a successful Gamefound campaign.

This new board game is set in the Thorgal universe. Thorgal is a European comic book series by Belgian writer Jean Van Hamme (see "Graphic Novels in English") and Polish graphic artist Grzegorz Rosinski (see "Lost Moors") that first appeared in Tintin magazine as a serial in 1977. Since then, Thorgal has been published in 21 languages and sold over 14 million books worldwide.

In Thorgal: The Board Game, players assume the roles of Thorgal, his wife Aaricia, their son Jolan, and Kriss. They proceed to tackle a series of scenarios in the Norse mythology-inspired world. The board game will come with 10 scenarios, each of which are standalone. These scenarios are not meant for campaign play.

This game is for one to four players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 90-120 minutes. It goes up on Gamefound in May 2022.

Portal Games had also landed a license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products to use Batman characters in their tabletop games set in the DC Universe (see "Portal Games Licenses 'Batman'").