Gale Force Nine revealed two Star Trek: Ascendancy expansions, which will hit stores in July 2022.

The Dominion War expansion comes with everything players need to add The Dominion to games. Players can explore the Gamma Quadrant through new Exploration cards and new System Discs. It also includes a game variant that alters the playing field by dividing up the civilizations into the two rival Alliances.

The Breen Confederacy expansion adds the Breen civilization to games. It allows players to discover entirely new Star Systems, and features more Space Lanes. The game box also comes with new Breen Starships, Control Nodes, and Resource Nodes.

Gale Force Nine has also announced a new game based on the science fiction classic Dune titled Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen (see "New 'Dune' Board Game").