Fantasy Flight Games is repackaging the Angmar Awakened cycle for The Lord of the Rings:  The Card Game as two expansion sets:  the Campaign Expansion and the Hero Expansion, both set to release this summer.

Collecting materials from the original Angmar Awakened Adventure Packs and The Lost Realm expansion, the new expansions explore events in the northern regions of Middle-earth, where the Rangers of the North confront the ancient undead evils of the Witch-King.

The Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion includes all of the player cards from the original expansions, including eight heroes, allies, attachments, and events themed for this set, as well as cards with new mechanics that were not included in the Revised Core Set.  The Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion will include all of the scenario cards, upgraded for the current version, as well as some new campaign cards that were not part of the original sets.

Click Gallery below to see sample cards from the expansions.

{IMAGE_4}The Angmar Awakened Campaign Expansion will have an MSRP of $69.99.  The Hero Expansion will be MSRP $44.99.  Both expansions require the Lord of the Rings:  The Card Game Revised Core Set, released last year (see “Fantasy Flight Games Announces ‘LotR:  The Card Game – Revised Core Set’”).  Like the earlier The Dark of Mirkwood pack, players who already own the original expansions will be able to download free print-and-play versions of the new cards.

This spring, FFG will offer four new Lord of the Rings:  The Card Game starter decks (see “Fantasy Flight Games Unveils Four New Starter Decks for ‘LotR:  The Card Game’”).