Leder Games announced Ahoy, a new privateer area control game, which will hit retail in late 2022.

In Ahoy, players take control of either the Bluefin Squadron, the Mollusk Union, or the Smugglers. The Bluefin Squadron and the Mollusk Union are two groups of salty sea creatures that are battling for control of the regions on the board and attempt to deliver cargo to gain Fame. The Smugglers are maverick captains who run blockades to successfully deliver cargo. As the game progresses, players gain crew that grows their power on seas to help them dominate and win the game.

The game box comes with 12 Region tiles, 4 player boards, a Fame track, 19 wooden figures, 17 Action dice, 11 Wealth dice, 2 Battle dice, 30 Market cards, 17 Faction cards, 25 Damage tokens, 20 Gold tokens, 20 Comrade tokens, 4 Fame markers, 4 Pledge markers, 4 Reward markers, a rulebook, and a player guide. This game is for two to four players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 45-75 minutes.

Leder Games recently released Fort: Cats & Dogs Expansion into retail (see "Fort: Cats & Dogs").

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