Chris and Rita Birch, the co-founders of Modiphius Entertainment, have launched RollvsEvil, a new not-for-profit organization to support frontline charitable efforts.

The funds raised from this NFP will go towards aiding small groups and charities working directly on the frontline of battling real world evils. The first campaign will support the people of Ukraine as they experience hardships brought on by the recent Russian invasion. The RollvsEvil charity events will begin the weekend of March 26-28, and Supernova Capital & Partners will match up to $130,000 of funds raised by these events.

Online RPG platform has planned a special charity streaming event to celebrate the launch of RollvsEvil on March 25 at 8 PM ET. This event will feature GM Anthony Joyce-Rivera and players from TransplanarRPG in a two-hour game session. Donations to RollvsEvil can be made by visiting their fundraising page.