WizKids unveiled Giants War, a new Dungeons & Dragons: Three-Dragon Ante expansion, for release into retail in July 2022.

This expansion adds over 100 new cards to Three-Dragon Ante, the classic D&D card game (see "'Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition'"). The new cards allows players to mix new Giant suits into the deck. This splits the stakes in two: the Dragon Stakes and the Giants Stakes. These cards also add more routes to victory and a new way to find Legendary Dragons and the new Giant Gods.

The game box comes with 21 standard Dragon cards, 2 Legendary Dragon cards, 56 standard Dragon cards, 19 Legendary Giant cards, 2 Mortal cards, 3 Endgame cards, 6 reference cards, 2 stakes disks, 6 player standees, 8 Mortal’s Allegiance tokens, and a rulebook. This expansion will retail for $24.99.

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