Legend Story Studios announced their FaB 2.0 product policy, which outlines changes to Flesh and Blood TCG and future releases.

This policy change is a major pivot for the Flesh and Blood TCG product line that helps optimize releases for FLGS and organized play. The biggest announcement in this policy change is the elimination of 1st Edition products with the release of the next set, Uprising, on June 24, 2022. The reason LSS eliminated 1E boxes is the lack of differentiation between 1E and Unlimited printings as the game has aged. Also, this move helps players be competitive on day one of a new release by making cards more available for play rather than ending up locked in collections.

They also announced a new History Pack 1 set, which releases May 6, 2022, that includes reprints of highly desirable cards with the sole purpose of getting them into players' hands to help boost organized play. These packs contain white-bordered cards that are collected from previous Flesh and Blood TCG sets, and the packs contain no foils. This set is comparable to the road Wizards of the Coast took with reprints by releasing Chronicles, back in the very early days of Magic: The Gathering. However, unlike WotC at the time, LSS has reiterated their cold foil reprint policy to protect the value of early edition cards. Also, they announced History Pack 1 - Black Label which will be a black-bordered set printed in German, Spanish, French, and Italian.  

Legend Story Studios also recently revealed an exclusive promo card for the Flesh and Blood TCG Pro Tour #1, which will be held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey on May 13-15, 2022 (see "Pro Tour #1 Promo Card").