Dynamite Entertainment has announced three fairy-tale themed one-shot comics, starring Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja, and Vampirella. All three one-shots will be released on August 10 with cover A by Soo Lee, cover B by Lesley “Leirix” Li, and cover C by Sebastian Piriz.

Dejah Thoris Fairy Tales, by writer Ron Marz and artist Andres Labrada, takes its inspiration from Snow White, with a jealous queen exiling Dejah Thoris to the wilderness because of her beauty. In Red Sonja Fairy Tales, by writer Jordan Clark and artist Labrada, the She-Devil with a Sword climbs a magic beanstalk and faces down an ogre. And in Vampirella Fairy Tales, written by Soo Lee with interior art by Emiliana Pinna, Vampirella dons a red hooded cape and heads off through the woods to deliver a basket of wine and cake to her grandmother but is delayed by an encounter with a fanged beast.

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