Small publisher Tinto Press is running a Kickstarter to fund four new graphic novels, including Creatures from the Subconscious by cartoonist and publisher Denis Kitchen, the founder of both Kitchen Sink Press and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Creatures from the Subconscious is a collection of drawings that Kitchen says he does when his mind is occupied with something else. “I essentially become a spectator watching my hand make marks, seemingly at random,” he said in a statement on the Kickstarter page. “Forms will start to take shape. That part is thrilling, and I become immersed in watching surreal, bizarre beings revealed. Eventually, enough is created that my experience as an illustrator will kick in and I consciously bring the piece to completion with shading, detail, and background.” He draws with Sharpie on chipboard, which produces a distinctive look but also, he points out, leaves no room for error.

The other titles in the Kickstarter are Mike Bender’s The Kid, the Troll, the Wolf, and the Hearse, a parody of Charlie Mackesy’s The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, and reprints of two previously published Tinto Press books, Julian Brier’s Cats of Ostia Antica and Karl Christian Krumpholz’s Queen City.

The Kickstarter, which is fully funded, includes a retailer tier with a 50% discount.