Tokyopop is reporting that display space is continuing to grow for manga and for its Cine-Manga lines.  Much of the growth is occurring in chain stores, where increasing sales are begetting still more space.

Behind a 250% increase in year-over-year weekly manga sales, Hastings is doubling its manga display space and moving the section to a more prominent location.  Musicland has added a new manga fixture, increasing space by around 75%.

In test mode, Best Buy will try out anime-related manga titles this July and Tower is testing Tokyopop's permanent 40-pocket display now.

Tokyopop is also finding more space for its Cine-Manga line.  Barnes & Noble is running a 'buy two, get one free' promotion from an endcap, and Books-a-Million is running a similar promotion from a top shelf position.  And Scholastic Books placed an order for 250,000 copies of the fourth SpongeBob volume to sell in its school book fairs.   Tokyopop is rapidly increasing its production of Cine-Manga volumes (see 'Tokyopop Ramps Up Cine-Manga Production').