Kobold Press will release Zobeck: The Clockwork City - Collector's Edition, a 5E compatible setting book, into retail in December 2022.

Zobeck is a thriving, bustling free city at the crossroads of Midgard that features clockwork ingenuity and cutthroat politics. This 5E setting book offers an expanded collector’s edition that collects Zobeck Gazetteer, Streets of Zobeck, and select content from Warlock and Warlock Lairs. It also adds 30 brand-new maps, two new adventures, and background on Zobeck’s districts, including the Dock District, the Arcane Collegium, the Kobold Ghetto, and Cartways. This book also features details on several NPCs for GMs to use to fill out the city.  

It will retail for $49.99.

Kobold Press also recently revealed Tome of Heroes, a character creation sourcebook for 5E (see "'Tome of Heroes'").