Dynamite Entertainment will launch Garbage Pail Kids: Origins, a new series that will reveal the backstories of the iconic characters, in October. Longtime Garbage Pail Kids editor, art director, and artist Jeff Zapata will be the art director for the series and will contribute to the art and storyline as well. Adam F. Goldberg and Hans Rodionoff will co-write the series, working with artist Chris Meeks.

The first issue will focus on Adam Bomb, a simple soda jerk who became a superhero after being exposed to radiation and assembled a group of equally icky colleagues to form a superhero team and take down Nasty Nick. The series includes the lost history of the part the Garbage Pail Kids played in winning World War II. Issue #1 will have variant covers by Ray Lago, Tom Bunk, and Zapata, as well as a classic trading card image.

“This idea has been a personal pet project of mine for years,” said Zapata in a statement accompanying the announcement. “This project is the perfect package of talent collaborating to fulfill a common vision to do something wild and different with a classic brand.”

Dynamite’s Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids series launches this week (see “Dynamite Nabs ‘Madballs vs. Garbage Pail Kids’”).

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