The Game Manufacturers Association announced that their board President Kylie Primus said that he would step down during the July 18, 2022 meeting. Prymus joined the GAMA Retail Division board in 2020, after John Stephens resigned (see "Kylie Prymus Joins GAMA"), and was elected President after the GAMA board was restructured in April 2022 (see New GAMA President is a Retailer).  

Prymus stepped down from his post due to demands on his time, and his resignation was effective on July 19, 2022. However, he will still serve as an At Large Officer for the Retail Voting Membership Group. Snowbright Studio's Grace Collins will serve as the Interim President until August 18, 2022 when new officers can be elected per the GAMA bylaws. Additionally, John Coviello from the Little Shop of Magic will take Prymus' place as the Retail Voting Membership representative on the board.