Privateer Press updated release details on Warmachine: MKIV as well as announced two new starter sets and a launch kit, which are scheduled to hit stores on October 28, 2022.

The new edition of Warmachine was announced at the end of July 2022 (see "'Warmachine' Miniatures Game"). This upcoming edition will update and streamline the rules set and enable players to access model stats and rules via a brand-new Warmachine mobile app. Usage of the app will eliminate the need for FAQs or annual postings with rules updates, as players will have access to the most current rules set through the app as it is updated. The app will be free for gameplay use.

Privateer also revealed two new starter sets: Orgoth Sea Raiders Core Army Starter and Cygnar Storm Lerion Army Starter. The Orgoth Sea Raiders Core Army Starter features an ancient army of the Iron Kingdoms that has returned to menace them again. This starter can field a 47 to 66 point army, and comes with customizable options for warjacks. The game box contains a Kishtaar, the Howling Silence Warcaster, a Jackal Light Warjack, a Tyrant Heavy Warjack, an Assault Reavers Unit (5 models), a Strike Reavers Unit (5 models), 2 Reaver Standard Bearers, an Ulkor Barrager Unit (3 models), a Warwitch Coven Unit (3 models), an Orgoth Commander Solo, and 30 magnets.   

The Cygnar Storm Lerion Army Starter showcases the Cygnar Storm Legion, and comes with enough forces to field a 47 to 63 point army. This battlegroup revolves around Captain Athena di Baro, a warcaster. The game box comes with a Captain Athena di Baro Warcaster, a Courser Light Warjack, a Stryker Heavy Warjack, a Stormblade Legionnaires Unit (5 models), a Stormguard Legionnaires Unit (5 models), 2 Legionnaire Standard Bearers, a Tempest Thunderers Unit (3 models), an Arcane Mechaniks Unit (3 models), a Legionnaire Officer Solo, and 30 Magnets.

Each of these starter sets will retail for $199.99.

Privateer will also offer a Launch Kit for these starters. The Launch Kit comes with 2 Orgoth Sea Raiders Core Army Starters, 2 Cygnar Storm Legion Core Army Starters, and a free MKIV demo kit. It also comes with additional Orgoth Sea Raiders models, Cygnar Storm Legion models, and additional customizable options and magnets. It carries an MSRP of $799.96.

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