Keenspot has announced the promotion of Rob Potchak to Associate Editor. Potchak, a writer and talent scout, has written a number of Keenspot titles, including Junior High Horrors and X-Liefelds, and the creators he has brought to Keenspot include Erik Klaus (Ninjas & Robots), Troy Dongarra (Kid Slapshot), and Billy Parker (The D Ward). In his new position, Potchak will continue to oversee the work of the creators he has brought to the company and will also continue to write his own comics.

The move comes as part of Keenspot’s expanding presence in print comics. Keenspot was founded in 2000 as a webcomics portal and began its print program in 2016, distributing its comics and graphic novels to the direct market via Diamond and to the book channel via Simon & Schuster. They were one of Diamond’s Top 25 comics publishers by market share in April 2022, and Diamond has upgraded Keenspot to a Final Order Cutoff (FOC) publisher starting with its September 2022 releases. Their upcoming titles include Lucky, a new series by Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley that’s a spinoff of his Superbeasts characters; Dongarra and Parker are the artists.

In addition, several Keenspot properties are being developed for film and television, and the movie Marry Me, based on a webcomic by Bobby Crosby, was the top box office draw over Valentine's Day weekend and the most watched movie on Amazon Prime in July.