Atlas Games announced two expansions for Godsforge, Return of the Dragon Gods and Twilight of the Great Houses, which will be headed to Kickstarter in November 2022.

Godsforge, a simultaneous play card and dice game, was first released in 2019 (see "'Godsforge'"). These will be the first two expansions released for this game, pending a successful Kickstarter. Return of the Dragon Gods will add full deck of dragon-themed creation and spell cards to the game. The deck will also provide card synergies for golem and dragon creation types. It also allows players to add one more player to a game.

The Twilight of the Great Houses expansion features "Lose Life" cards and "Cannot Play Creations" cards. It also includes the option of drawing 10 cards and keeping four cards for customized decks to start the game. This expansion also allows an additional player to enter the game.

Each of these expansions will retail for $19.95.