Mantic Games has announced a series of Terrain Crate Dungeon Adventures, offering adventures in a box for fantasy role playing games.

Each Dungeon Adventure holds a complete mini-adventure in two acts, described in the enclosed booklet along with all of the stats needed for the minions within, based on the 5E game system.  In addition, it has a double-sided poster-sized playing map and pre-assembled plastic scenery pieces for dungeon dressing.

The initial launch of the series will feature two boxed sets:

Into the Necromancer’s Lair confronts players with the mysterious disappearance of villagers, which will lead them to a forgotten crypt.  This set comes with more than 30 scenery pieces, including crypt furnishings, traps, and small critters.

In Secrets of the Wizard’s Tower, the adventurers are called to investigate a lonely tower, home to an erratic and irritable wizard.  Includes library and laboratory furniture as well as piles of crates and barrels and a pack of rats one might find in a tower.

Release dates and MSRP have not been announced.

Next month, Mantic will offer an updated rulebook for Kings of War (see “Mantic Unveils Updated Edition of ‘Kings of War’ Rulebook”).