Rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy has drawn a three-part variant cover for the first issue of Rogue State, the new series by writer Matteo Pizzolo and artist C. Granda.

The three-part cover also appears inside the comic as a street-art mural.

“The concepts Matt is presenting here are so familiar they should be terrifying,” Chuck D said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “I thought the concept that there are good people out there but are surrounded by adversaries, even though they might look normal, was radical. Plus, it had a throwback to the last century kind of vibe mixed in.”

Rogue State, which will launch from Black Mask Studios on November 9, is set in a dystopian America where the empowerment of all militias results in a police state that tramples on the rights of ordinary people (see “‘Calexit’ Creator Matteo Pizzolo Announces ‘Rogue State’”). The first issue was originally scheduled for October and will have previously announced covers by Granda and Soo Lee.