Alderac Entertainment Group unveiled Shake That City, a new tile-laying game, which will be headed to Kickstarter in Q4 2022.

In Shake That City, players become city planners trying to build up the best city block. Players shake up patterns of cubes by using a unique Cube Shaker component that randomizes the wooden blocks. On their turn, the active player shakes the Cube Shaker and presses its slider. This will reveal a nine-cube pattern, of which they need to use to place corresponding building tiles of a single color onto their player board. They earn points for tile-placement combinations and complete bonus point tiles. This game continues over a series of rounds, and the player with the most points wins.

This game is for one to four players and plays in under an hour. Thus far, there has been no word on MSRP.

Alderac Entertainment Group also recently unveiled Smash Up: 10th Anniversary Set, a new edition of the core card game (see "'Smash Up: 10th Anniversary Set'").