Goodman Games unveiled DCC Lankhmar #14: Thieves of Cold Corner, a new level 3 adventure set, which is now on preorder.

In this adventure, a cache of invisible ice diamonds and an overlord’s ransom in gold rilks tempt adventurers to attempt a midwinter solstice heist of Cold Corner. Even with all the drunken revelry going on, the heist is still dangerous as adventurers will have to dodge the sorcery of Snow Women and the wrath of their axe-wielding skalds. These foes have the power to shape cold to create blinding blizzards, shatter bones, and freeze people alive. Players may also encounter another deadly foe along the way, the invisible polar worm!

DCC Lankhmar #14: Thieves of Cold Corner will retail for $10.99.

Goodman Games also recently revealed Dungeon Crawl Classics #103: Bloom of the Blood Garden, a new RPG adventure scenario, for release into retail (see "'Dungeon Crawl Classics #103: Bloom of the Blood Garden' for Retail").