Lucky Duck Games announced Once Upon a Line, a new story-driven puzzle game, which will hit Kickstarter in January 2023.

In this cooperative game, players take on the role of god-like “Zephyrymes” that help influence the actions of heroes to inspire them to bring balance to a world in the grip of chaos. The game takes place in an alternate Earth timeline where humanity has been decimated by a pandemic and insects have grown to gigantic sizes. Every choice players make in this game is tethered to a "Grid of Destiny," a grid covered in scratch-off ink that allows players to reveal words, traps, and other secrets. These hidden elements help players solve puzzles and make progress toward one of nine possible endings for the narrative.

This game is for one or more players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 90-120 minutes. There has been no word on MSRP or retail release information.

Lucky Duck Games will also release Oros, a new strategy board game, into retail (see "'Oros'").

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