Wizards of the Coast unleashed new details on Phyrexia: All Will Be One, a new booster set coming to retail on February 3, 2023.

The update on the Phyrexia: All Will Be One set (see "'Magic: The Gathering' Premier Set Releases") included information about card treatments, a few spoiled cards, and an add-on to their product lineup. They showcased the treatments with the new Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines card who comes as a main set version, a Borderless Ichor Showcase version, a Borderless Manga version, a Borderless Concept Praetors version, and a Phyrexian Language version. There are also foil versions of these treatments, including a Step and Compleat version that features rainbow foil Greek Phi letter imprinted across the card and an Oil Slick raised foil version. The step-and-compleat foil treatment can only be found in Phyrexia: All Will Be One Collector Boosters.     

The set will also reprint some of the cards previously found in the Street Fighter x Secret Lair drop, as part of WotC's "Universes Within" that aims at creating in-Magic universe cards for Universes Beyond special sets. In addition to the reprinted Street Fighter cards, WotC unveiled Borderless Concept reprints of recently released cards such as Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant (Kamigawa Neon Dynasty); Sheoldred, the Apocalypse (Dominaria United); Urabrask, Heretic Praetor (Streets of New Capenna); and Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider (Kaldhiem). They also mentioned that there will be a total of 10 planeswalker cards in this set.

WotC added three Secret Lairs to their product lineup (see "'Phyrexia: All Will Be One' Product Line Deets"). That increases their total product lineup to 10 configurations of products for this set. There is no word on release date or MSRP for these Secret Lair sets.  

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