Corvus Belli revealed Military Hospitaller Action Pack, for Infinity miniatures game, which will release into retail in January 2023.

The Military Hospitaller Action Pack includes 11 miniatures for The Hospital faction. The Hospital is  a powerful and influential Religious Military Order in PanOceania that features crusader knights. The game box comes with a Knight Hospitaller with HMG, a Knight Hospitaller with Boarding Shotgun, a Knight Hospitaller Doctor, a Knight Hospitaller with DA CCW, a Crusader Brethren with MULTI Rifle, an Order Sergeant Hacker, an Order Sergeant with COMBI Rifle and his Auxbot, an Order Sergeant with Heavy Rocket Launcher, a Black Friar with MULTI Rifle, and Joan of Arc with AP CCW.

It will retail for $100.99.

Corvus Belli also released Beyond Operation Blackwind, for Infinity: CodeOne miniatures game (see "'Beyond Operation Blackwind'").

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