Bandai unveiled Versus Royal Knight Booster [BT13], a new Digimon CG booster set, for release into retail on July 21, 2023.

Versus Royal Knight Booster [BT13] features 13 different Royal Knights. Among these knights are fan favorites such as Omnimon, Gallantmon, Magnamon,  Alphamon , and UlforceVeedramon. Yggdrasill also makes its debut in this set, the computer that manages the Digimon world, and provides powerful synergies with the Royal Knights.

The set includes 20 different Alt-Art cards, 13 of which feature Royal Knights with special designs. There are also four alternate design cards with low pull rates. Each box includes a box topper of an alt-design tamer card, and rarity breakdown is as follows: 44 commons, 30 uncommons, 26 rares, 10 super rares, and 2 secret rares.

Bandai will also release Digimon CG: Alternative Being Booster [EX04], a new booster set (see "'Digimon CG: Alternative Being Booster [EX04]'").