Games Workshop took advantage of the Las Vegas Open 2023 to tease the upcoming Warhammer Age of Sigmar:  Warcry boxed set Bloodhunt.

Bloodhunt features two new warbands for the game and an assortment of terrain pieces for them to fight over.  The first group, the undead Askurgan Trueblades, are vampiric warrior-monks from Ghur that seek to satisfy their Soulblight-driven thirst by devouring the primal energies of wild beasts.  Facing them are the daemonic Flesh Hounds of Khorne known as the Claws of Karanak, bestial savages who rush into battle on all fours.

Click Gallery below to see pictures of miniatures from the two bands.

The new terrain pieces center on fortified gnarloaks, and come with a series of raised platforms, ladders, and palisades.

Rounding out the boxed set is the Predator and Prey booklet, which details the background and rules for both warbands as well as a number of new scenarios for players to explore.

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