Warlord Games has announced the Block War expansion for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, releasing in March.

Block War offers a new way to play the game that explores the block-versus-block battles that can erupt in Mega-City One.  Players design their own blocks with unique advantages, then assemble forces from their block’s residents to attack opposing blocks.  This expansion uses a campaign-style element that allows the players to track the block war through linked scenarios, possibly culminating in the ultimate destruction of a block.

The new expansion features an 80-page rulebook that has rules for resolving the block war, new characters and units, new weapons, and new scenarios.  A pad of 100 city block datasheets, a 15-card block war deck, 3 new armoury cards, and two exclusive resin “rampaging resident” figures, supplied unpainted, are also included.  MSRP is $40.00.

Click Gallery below to see components from the expansion.

Warlord launched its Judge Dredd Miniatures Game in 2019 (see “Warlord Games Unveils ‘Judge Dredd Miniatures Game’”) as part of its line of 2000 AD titles, extending the line last year with its Slaine Miniatures Game (see “Warlord Games Announces ‘Slaine Miniatures Game’”).  The company also recently expanded its American Civil War (see “Warlord Games Calls in the Cavalry”) and Mythic Americas (see “Warlord Games Unveils ‘Mythic Americas:  Inca Warband Starter Army’”) lines.