Peach Momoko brought the Scarlet Witch into the Momoko-verse, her own take on the Marvel universe, in the last issue of Demon Wars: Down in Flames, and her version of Wanda will take center stage in the third and final Demon Wars arc, Demon Wars: Scarlet Sin. Momoko is the writer and artist of the series, which is co-scripted by Zack Davisson. The first issue will be released on May 3 with a regular and a variant cover, both by Momoko.

The Demon Wars series weaves together Marvel classics and Japanese folklore and is set in the world of the yokai, Japanese spirits. “When designing Momiji, Demon Wars’ version of Scarlet Witch, the first thought that came to mind to represent Scarlet Witch was her anger and betrayal,” Momoko said in a statement accompanying the announcement. “So with this in mind, I was inspired to create her around the Hannya idea. Hannya in Japan is used in Noh theater to represent a woman’s anger and jealousy, and these vengeful spirits turn her into a demon.”

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