Steamforged Games will release Gears of War: The Card Game, based on the popular video game series, into U.S. retail on April 10, 2023.

In this one-on-one card game, players build a deck and go to battle as either the COG forces or the Locust horde. The game takes place across multiple chapters, where the results of each chapter influence what comes next. Players can use classic characters from the video game to bolster their forces, such as Marcus Fenix, General Raam, August “Cole Train” Cole, Dominic Santiago, and Damon Baird. Every battle counts. The way players build their decks and play will change the outcome of each campaign play through, increasing the replayability of this game.

This game is for two players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 30 to 60 minutes. It will retail for $34.95.

Steamforged Games recently released Cunning & Divine and Arcane & Might as part of the new Adventures & Academia: First Class line (see "'Adventures & Academia: First Class' Boxed Sets").