Stonemaier Games shared some totals for the number of tabletop games in print vs. their digital sales totals for their board game lines in a recent article.

The goal of the article was to compare digital sales numbers with tabletop sales numbers in order to show how the two stack up against one another. Stonemaier also shared that the company's goals in enabling the production of digital games were not entirely about revenue. The company helps produce digital games to use these digital ports as demoing and customer access tools. Their games on digital platforms are there mainly to help gamers learn the rules of their games more easily, get people to play the games faster, allow players connect with other players in different areas of the world, make Stonemaier's games more accessible to players around the globe, and as data collection and analysis tools.

The data released showed the total units sold to date for Stonemaier's primary full-AI digital games compared to the total units in-print for the tabletop versions of those games. This data does not factor in BoardGameArena data. The data set broke down as follows:

  • Viticulture (Digidiced). Total Digital: 23,119, Total tabletop: 234,826.
  • Charterstone (Acram Digital). Total digital: 37,713, Total tabletop: 97,500.
  • Scythe (The Knights of Unity). Total digital: 535,000, Total tabletop: 544,102.
  • Wingspan (Monster Couch). Total digital: 674,000, Total tabletop: 1,688,037.

The Scythe data and the Wingspan data somewhat stand out in this data set. The digital sales and in-print numbers for Scythe are within 2% of each other with the digital sales barely trailing. The data that stands out for Wingspan is that there are 1.68 million copies of this game in print, which is a rather large number considering the game only came to market recently in 2019 (see "'Wingspan'").