Renegade Games Studios unveiled new RPG Accessories Point of Purchase displays for Transformers & G.I.Joe RPG and World of Darkness RPG, which will hit retail in March 2023.

These POP displays are aimed at showcasing Expanded Character Sheets and Dice Sets at the cash wrap or as a part of other RPG displays. The World of Darkness display features sections for both Vampire: The Masquerade and Hunter: The Reckoning accessories. The POPs  can hold up to eight character journals and six dice sets. The Transformers & G.I. Joe RPG comes fully-loaded with items, at an MSRP of $221.94, and the World of Darkness RPG display arrives full at MSRP $251.94. These items can also be ordered empty for free.

Renegade Game Studios will release War on Cybertron, a new expansion for Transformers Deck-Building Game, into retail (see "The 'War on Cybertron' Ignites in 'Transformers Deck-Building Game'").

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