Avalon Hill will release HeroQuest: The Mage of the Mirror Quest Pack, a board game expansion, into retail in Q1 2023.

This expansion was previewed at Gen Con 2022 (see "Upcoming 'HeroQuest' Products at Gen Con 2022").  In this expansion, players will battle the archmage Sinestra who has kidnapped Princess Millandriell.  A player will need to navigate the Elf character through multiple solo quests to prove their worth by recovering a legendary sword, freeing two of the Queen’s attendants, and making it through a maze.  Later on, other heroes join the Elf as they pass through the mirror to the Realm of Reflection and take on the archmage.

The expansion contains 10 quests, 33 miniatures, 2 mirror stands, 35 game cards, a tile sheet, and a game guide.  This pack, with the base game, supports one to five players, ages 14 and up, and will retail for $44.99.

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