Rio Grande Games revealed Druids of the Elements, a new board game by Federico Marcucci, which will release into retail in March 2023.

In this game, Druids of different tribes are competing within a Sacred Forest tobecome  the Archdruid. Players assume control of a Druid and his Animal Companion to attempt to manipulate the elements of nature: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. Manipulating the elements  generates Magic Gems and activates a series of Druidic Runes. The Druid who activates the most powerful series of Runes will win the game.

Druids of the Elements is for two to eight players and plays in 45 to 90 minutes.

Rio Grande Games also unveiled 1930: The Golden Age of Airlines, an airline economics game by Alex Sorbello (see "'1930: The Golden Age of Airlines'").