Para Bellum Wargames Ltd. announced new Conquest: First Blood Warbands, which will release on April 28, 2023, as well as an Adepticon 2023 exclusive figure set.

The First Blood Warbands come with enough miniatures for a single player to field an army for a Skirmish game. These starter miniature sets are available for each of the seven of factions, including the recently released City States (see "'Conquest' City States Faction").  Each boxed set includes 3 squads of four miniatures, a Brute or Cavalry miniature, a Character miniatures, an Officer miniature, a printed First Blood rulebook, assembly guides, path of Conquest journey brochures, and more.  They will retail for $69.99 each.

Also, at Adepticon on March 22, 2023, Para Bellum will be offering attendees an exclusive Conquest: First Blood scenario pack, The Angry Chicken.  This scenario pack started as a meme from the community based on the Apex Predator.  It will be available as a two-figure set for $25.

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