Fantasy Flight Games is beginning a second act for the app-driven dungeon-delving boardgame Descent:  Legends of the Dark with The Betrayer’s War Expansion, set to release this fall.

Like the 2021 core game (see “FFG Reimagines ‘Descent’ as ‘Legends of the Dark’”), The Betrayer’s War uses a companion app to guide one to four players through a series of adventures linked as a campaign.  In this installment, the heroes enter an alliance with their old enemy Waiqar the Betrayer, forced to help each other resist a force of dragons and Uthuk Y’llan.  The expansion features updated versions of the core game’s six heroes, with new hero cards and “legendary” abilities that allow them to continue the story from the game’s Act 1, Blood and Flame.

The boxed set will include all-new monster miniatures, cards, and board pieces for use with the game.  As an expansion, a copy of the Descent:  Legends of the Dark core game is needed to play.  MSRP is $159.99.

Click Gallery below to see sample cards from the new expansion.

Fantasy Flight has also announced revamped expansions for Arkham Horror:  The Card Game (see “Next Two ‘Arkham Horror:  The Card Game’ Repackaged Expansions Incoming”) and The Lord of the Rings:  The Card Game (see “Fantasy Flight Unveils Two Repackaged Expansions for ‘The Lord of the Rings:  The Card Game’”).