Atomic Mass Games plans to release two retailer kits to support the launch of Star Wars: Shatterpoint, the company announced. 

The Star Wars: Shatterpoint Initiation Kit is a tool to teach and reward new players in conjunction with the launch of the game June 2.  The Initiation Kit supports teaching eight players over three sessions, each of which includes a different Mission.  Those sessions teach new players gameplay concepts and mechanics, and culminate in a full game of Star Wars: Shatterpoint at the final session.

Each kit includes the Mission cards for each player and a set of foil order cards for the four Primary characters in the Core Set (Ahsoka Tano, Jedi No More; General Anakin Skywalker; Asajj Ventress, Sith Assassin; and Lord Maul) for each player.

The Retail Event Support Kit includes 16 foil Shatterpoint order cards that can be used to welcome new players to the game, and an 18"x24" poster.

Shatterpoint poster
The new miniatures skirmish game will release with additional Squad Packs (see "Kenobi, Dooku Face Off").

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