An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 is pleased to announce the launch of its third Miniatures Week event, sponsored by miniatures game companies Catalyst Game Labs and Para Bellum Wargames.  During Miniatures Week, ICv2 will feature special content about miniatures and miniatures games, including features, previews, news, and opinion.

"We just got back from AdeptiCon, and the enthusiasm for the gaming miniatures hobby was palpable," ICv2 Publisher Milton Griepp said in a statement accompanying the announcement.  "The category appears poised for a big year, led by major new releases from multiple companies. This special event week gives us an opportunity to focus on the hobby and on ways to maximize sales in 2023.  We want to thank our sponsors Catalyst Game Labs and Para Bellum Wargames for their support."

Here's the full linked list of Miniatures Week articles:


Gales Force Nine Sends Players Out on ‘Star Trek: Away Missions’
‘Warhammer: The Horus Heresy’ Begins ‘The Siege of Cthonia’
Gale Force Nine Expands ‘Aliens’ Line
Next Wave of ‘D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures’ Incoming
WizKids Unveils Two New 'Deep Cuts' Fantasy Miniatures Packs
Para Bellum Unleashes New W'adrhun 'Conquest' Sets
Restoration Games Launches 'Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze'
Atomic Mass Plans 'Star Wars: Shatterpoint Initiation Kit'
Delve into the Depths with 'D&D Icons of Realms: Seas & Shores'
Games Workshop Reveals Winner of Golden Demon USA 2023
WizKids Reveals New 'D&D Icons of the Realms: Adventure in a Box'
WizKids Unleashes Huge Two-headed Shark for 'D&D Icons of the Realms'
'Critical Role: Exandria Unlimited - The Crown Keepers Boxed Set' Incoming
Para Bellum Unveils Two Titan 'Conquest' Models for Retail
Atomic Mass to Release ‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint’ Terrain, Accessories
WizKids Reveals Four New 'D&D Icons of the Realms' Premium Battle Mats

ICv2 Interview: Catalyst Game Labs' Loren Coleman
AdeptiCon 2023 Gallery: The Path of the Worthy
AdeptiCon 2023's Tabletop Miniatures Terrain Setups
Adepticon 2023: 'Star Wars: Shatterpoint' First Live Look and Gameplay

Rolling for Initiative -- 9th Edition We Hardly Knew You
The Merchant's Anvil – How Much Paint is Too Much Paint?

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Catalyst Game Labs Launches Rewarding 'BattleTech: Mercenaries' Kickstarter Campaign, Expanding the Game & Miniatures Line (Catalyst Game Labs)
A Beginner's Guide to 'BattleTech' Boxed Sets (Catalyst Game Labs)
'First Blood Warbands' - A Great New Way to Play 'Conquest' All in One Box! (Para Bellum Games)