Restoration Games announced two new Unmatched sets, Brains and Brawn and Sun's Origin, which will hit retail in 2023.

Brains and Brawn will be the final Unmatched Marvel set. This set will feature fan favorite characters like Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and She-Hulk to add to the battlefield. It will hit retail in Q3 2023.

Sun's Origin showcases two iconic warriors from Japanese history. Oda Nobunaga was the legendary daimyo of the Oda clan who helped unify feudal Japan through his mastery of tactics. He faces off against Tomoe Gozen, an equally legendary onna-musha of clan Minamoto. This set will hit retail in Q4 2023.

Restoration Games recently launched Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze, a new cooperative miniatures board game (see "'Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze'").