Ankama Board Games will release Arkeis, a new cooperative board game, into retail in 2023.

Arkeis is a cooperative campaign game set in ancient Egyptian ruins. Players take on the roles of adventurers exploring the ruins in this story-driven game. The game offers up 9 scenarios for players to run through on a modular board. The scenarios each have different objectives to fulfill, and players will be rewarded in-game for completing these objectives with key items and upgrades to use in other scenarios.  The overall goal of the campaign is to defeat enemies, unearth hidden knowledge, and reveal the secrets of the ruins.

The game box comes with 9 Scenarios, 5 Heroes miniatures, more than 40 Monster miniatures, 7 3D Modular rooms, 9 double-sided scenery tiles, 6 Backpacks, 10 dice, an Expedition Logbook, and a rulebook. This game is for one to five players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 60 minutes.