Opus Comics has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Diamond Book Distributors to distribute their books to North American and international markets.  Distribution to the direct market will continue to be through Diamond Comics Distributors.  In May Opus will move to Diamond’s Deluxe Tier of publishers, meaning it will get more prominent placement in the Previews catalog and extra visibility on the PREVIEWSworld website.

Opus, an imprint of the production company Incendium, was founded in 2021 by writer and creative director Llexi Leon and has established a beachhead in the direct market with a mix of what it calls “Myths, Monsters, and Metal.”  They signed on with Diamond in 2022 and their launch series included a comics multiverse based on the art of Frank Frazetta as well as Disturbed, by Tim Seeley and Leon, and Bill and Ted: Roll the Dice (see “Opus Comics Launches Frazetta Multiverse”).