Kobold Press will release Wastes of Chaos 5E, a new setting book, into retail in Q3 2023.

Wastes of Chaos 5E gives players everything they need to adventure through this ruined lands fantasy setting.  The book offers players four playable races and subraces, which include automatons, dust goblins, and wasteland dragonborn, as well as eight subclasses like the doombringer fighter, way of chaos monk, and the wasteland ranger.  It also contains background on four wasteland factions and their followers and provides information on chaos magic, corrupted locales, fiendish cults, and ancient treasures.  Additionally, this book has a bestiary with 38 new creatures such as eldritch horrors and the chaos drake.

The standard edition will retail for $49.99, and there will also be alternate cover edition of this book.

Kobold Press recently released Campaign Builder: Cities and Towns (5E), a new 5E toolkit book, into retail on March 29, 2023 (see "'Campaign Builder' Book").

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