Games Workshop announced Warcry: Nightmare Quest, a new skirmish combat boxed set, which will be on preorder May 13, 2023.

The boxed set features a continuation of the battle for the Ravening Ruin which kicked off in Heart of Ghur boxed starter set (see "New Edition of 'Warcry' Announced") and continued through Ravaged Lands: Gnarlwood Watchcamp (see "'Ravaged Lands: Gnarlwood Watchcamp'") and Bloodhunt (see "'Warcry' Boxed Set").  This set pits the Royal Beastflayers of the Flesh-eater Courts against the Stormcast Eternals.  The set comes with two complete warbands, a full complement of Gnarlwood scenery, a 64-page warband tome, double-sided game board, and reference cards.

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