Wizards of the Coast unleashed the product line details for Wilds of Eldraine, a new Magic: The Gathering Standard set, for release on September 8, 2023.

Wilds of Eldraine will hit retail stores after an unusually long break between Standard sets (from May 12 to September 8), as there are no Standard sets being released to distract customers from purchasing the LotR set and Commander Masters set (see "'Magic: The Gathering - Commander Masters'").  For their trip back to the land of faeries, adventures, and gingerbread people, WotC did some reworking of the Standard SKUs for this set, eliminating the set specific Jumpstart boosters from their offerings.  They've also played around with the contents of booster packs, changing the numbers of commons, uncommons, rares, foils, and Borderless cards guaranteed in each pack.  As an example, Collector Boosters will now come with at least three Borderless cards per pack.    

The product line for Wilds of Eldraine is as follows:

Wilds of Eldraine Collector Booster Packs and Displays.  Wilds of Eldraine Collector Booster Boxes come with 12 Wilds of Eldraine Collector Boosters each.  Each Collector Booster comes with 15 Magic: The Gathering cards and a traditional foil double-sided token.  These cards will be a combination of 5 cards of rarity Rare or higher, 5 uncommons, 4 commons, a full-art land card, and the token.  Every Collector Pack features a total of 10 to 12 traditional foil cards and at least 3 special Borderless cards per booster.

Wilds of Eldraine Draft Booster Packs and Displays.  Wilds of Eldraine Draft Booster packs contain 15 Magic: The Gathering cards that are optimized for the draft format, and are available in displays of 36 packs.  Each pack comes a card rarity rare or higher, 3 to 4 uncommons, 9 commons, and a land card (full-art land in 33% of boosters).  Traditional foils of any rarity replaces a common in 33% of these boosters and each booster comes with at least 1 special Borderless card of rarity uncommon or higher.

Wilds of Eldraine Set Booster Packs and Displays.  The Set Booster Boxes include 30 Wilds of Eldraine Set Booster packs.  These Boosters come with 12 Magic: The Gathering cards per booster, an Art Card, and a token/ad card, Helper card, or card from “The List” (found in 25% of packs).  Packs include a combination of 1 to 5 card(s) of rarity rare or higher, and 3 to 7 uncommons, 3 to 6 commons, a land card, a art card, and the token slot.  A traditional foil card will be found in every Set Booster pack.  

Wilds of Eldraine Bundle.  Bundles come with 8 Wilds of Eldraine Set Boosters, 20 traditional foil basic lands, 20 non-foil basic lands, a traditional foil alt-art promo card, a storage box, a Spindown life counter, and 2 Reference cards.  These bundles will ship in cases of 6.

Wilds of Eldraine Commander Decks.  The Commander Decks are 100-card ready-to-play decks feature  98 additional non-foil Magic: The Gathering cards and 2 traditional foil Legendary cards.  The contents of each deck includes a foil-etched Display Commander, a two-card Collector Booster Sample Pack, 10 double-sided tokens, a life tracker, a strategy insert, and a deck box.  There will be two different decks, Virtue and Valor and Fae Dominion.

Wilds of Eldraine Prerelease Pack.  These Prerelease Packs are made for use during prerelease events that start on September 1, 2023.  They come with 6 Wilds of Eldraine Draft Booster packs, a foil year-stamped Rare or Mythic rare card, a code card to unlock 6 Wilds of Eldraine boosters in Magic: The Gathering Arena (only available in select regions), a deck box, and a spindown life counter.

For more information on future releases of Magic products, check out ICv2's 2022 calendar (see "‘Magic: The Gathering’ Release Calendar For 2022/2023").

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